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MANHATTAN VGA rozbočovač Professional - 2 porty (splitter, SVGA, MultiSync, 350MHz)

Přidat do oblíbenýchMANHATTAN VGA rozbočovač Professional - 2 porty (splitter, SVGA, MultiSync, 350MHz)

Kód produktu58112
Part number207331
EAN produktu766623207331
Záruka24 Měsíc(ů)
Skladová dostupnost:Na dotaz
Běžná cena
950 Kč
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577.69 Kč
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699 Kč
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Hlídací pes
Easily distribute a single VGA signal to multiple displays The MANHATTAN Professional Video Splitter with built-in booster streams a single VGA signal from a personal computer or other VGA-equipped source to up to two displays. Ideal for trade shows, classrooms, video conferencing and presentations and retail applications, the MANHATTAN Professional Video Splitter is a good choice for splitting and distributing a signal to multiple displays when source equipment is remotely stored in a secured room or cabinet. Cascade multiple units up to three levels to output VGA signals to additional displays in widely distributed applications. The gold-plated contacts and fully-shielded metal case ensure reliable signal transmission with less degradation. - Duplicates a single VGA signal for up to two VGA outputs - Supports VGA bandwidths up to 350 MHz and resolutions up to 1920 x 1680 with effective transmission distance up to 65 m (210 ft.) - Delivers a clear, sharp signal from a PC to VGA, SVGA and MultiSync displays, projectors and more - Cascade up to three levels to expand signal distribution to more displays - Automatic power save helps conserve power until VGA signal is restored - Easy to install — requires no configuration Standards and Certifications - FCC - CE - ISO9002 General - LED indicator: Power (green) - Cable length, maximum: 65 m (210 ft.) - Connector input: (1) HD15 male; output, (2) HD15 female - Power adapter: 9 V AC, 300 mA Signal - Signal bandwidth: 350 MHz - Signal type: VGA, SVGA, multi-sync - Input voltage, minimum: 0.5 V p-p - Input voltage, maximum: 1.0 V p-p - I/O impedance: 75 Ohms Resolution - Resolution: 1920 x 1680 - Horizontal frequency: 30 – 120 KHz - Vertical frequency: 40 – 120 Hz Ports - (1) HD15 male - (2) HD15 female - (1) power port 9 V, 1000 mA Physical - Enclosure: metal - Dimensions: 133 x 94 x 42 mm (5.2 x 3.7 x 1.65 in.) - Weight: 396 g (14 oz.) Package contents - Professional Video Splitter - Power Adapter - User manual.
Druh IO zařízení: Video rozbočovač
Provedení: Externí
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